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Getting round the site

Use the menu at the very top of the site to navigate around. We are currently updating the site so bare with us if you have any problems. Thanks

Check the Kempshott Messageboard for the latest community chat and news

Kempshott.com lists companies based in the community, along with sport clubs, facilities and non-profit organisations, such as churches and the village hall. There is also a page of useful links, ones that are to do with the local area and ones that you may find of use, day to day.

We have an events page to keep you up to date on the forthcoming events in this residential area of south-west Basingstoke. Let us know if you have an event we should know about.

There is a gallery of photographs of Kempshott to give you an insight into the area if you have never visited before or if it has been a while. A brief history of Kempshott and Basingstoke is outlined too.

We are still currently adding companies to the site. Businesses can apply for a position on the site by contacting us. We are a free to use web site, to cover our bandwidth & hosts fees, we offer one advertising slot on a monthly basis. If you are interested please contact us, we insist all advertisers must be Kempshott based.

The messageboard is your chance to leave your mark on Kempshott.com. Discuss anything Kempshott related, talk about issues which concern you, talk about your time in Kempshott or leave a message to try and find old friends. Or find out what everyone else has to say about Kempshott.

If you find this site useful, why not add us to your bookmarks. If you would like to contact us please fill in the contact form.

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